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11 December 2022

Legend RS4 from Goosky in January

A new model from Goosky is arriving very soon. Although not all details known yet, it is almost certain the helicopter will be in the shops in January.

Legend RS4 from Goosky in January
Goosky Legend RS4 / click for more pictures...

The company tried to push the hype up around this new model recently with partial details every couple of days, and seemingly this approach is successful, Facebook is filled up with their posts about the new Goosky Legend RS4. And yet all information are still not known, for example no price published yet. The company's website has no data about the new heli at the moment.

It is known, the new helicopter is a 380 class model with direct drive and belt tail. It will be available in three colours initially: white, magenta and yellow. Also there was a hint, the model will be available with and without FBL controller, although this is not confirmed.

The 120° CCPM swashplate has a compact servo layout to fit all servos in the frame. Tail servo is also in the frame connected to the conventional tail control with a push rod. Battery is in the nose of the helicopter, therefore battery weight can impact the CG of the helicopter significantly.

Other technical parameters are not published yet. That is expected the model will get in the shops in January.


Legend RS4 from Goosky in January