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03 December 2022

Day 1 at Thailand Heli Blowout 2022 so far

Thailand Heli Blowout 2022 is on right now in Bangkok, Thailand. The weather is partner of the event so far and the vibe is also excellent. More pilots from the Asian and European regions are attending the event.

Day 1 at Thailand Heli Blowout 2022 so far

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There are many exhibitors, traders, manufacturers represented and the wide spectrum of the hobby is available from SAB through Mikado, ManiaX, Scorpion, XNova, Goosky and of course XLPower and even Steam 700 can be seen at Thailand Heli Blowout. Perhaps the most colourful stand belongs to Maskpro Canopy.

The first round of the competitions is over.

Current results of the Expert class are:

  1. Fabian Kloß (340.5)
  2. Thanathep Hawiros (339.25)
  3. Florian Neuner (335.75)
  4. Carl-Henning Siebert (289)
  5. Sun Akkaravin (277.75)
  6. Thitiwat Worabut (273.75)
  7. Leenawat Sampadsin (271.5)
  8. David Gerster (267.25)
  9. Eakapop Semanart (256.5)
  10. Chawanagon Srisawad (223.5)
  11. Nachpong Sandsawang (188.75)