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26 November 2022

VBar Evo coming soon - this is known so far

Mikado announced the next generation of the VBar system, the VBar Evo. The system will arrive in January, next year, and it's intended to be the successor of the Neo system.. That's why the pricing is also similar, pre order is available even now.

VBar Evo coming soon - this is known so far

Product highlights:

  • New processor: 600 MHz (Touch: 150 MHz), current chip production
  • Latest technology ARM Cortex M7 with large caches and low power consumption
  • Graphics processor (GPU)
  • Internal flash disk 4 GB (Touch: 128 MB
  • Faster WIFI 802/b/g/n (3 times faster than before), very fast connection
  • USB data transfers 10 times faster
  • Improved Touch Display
  • USB-C fast charging with 15 W with any off-the-shelf USB-C charger
  • Extra fast and extra precise reaction to stick inputs due to faster processing

The system will be available in January within the EU, however, there's a slight delay expected at the stores outside of the EU due to the certification processes.