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26 September 2022

Great competition results at 3DCH Italy

The 3DHC - Italy European Championship Private Round took place on 24-25 September at the airfield of GAE Gruppo Aero Modellisti Empolesi near in city of Empoli, Italy. Although the weather wasn't the nicest, pilots flew the maximum there.

Great competition results at 3DCH Italy
3DCH Italy pilots / credit: Lorenzo Costantini

In Expert class Andrea Rossetti got the 3rd place with 1624.68 points, Gian Marco Chinaglia arrived to the 2nd place with 1725.60 points, and Lilian Many made his 1st place 2000 points. Lilian and Gina Carlo were competing at Global 3D previously this year, they finished in this order there too.  

Master class Lorenzo Costantini got the 3rd with 2491 points, 2nd was Gabriele Rovere with 2512.16 points, and the winner is Valerio Bottero with 3000 points. Gabriele was the only pilot in the Expert class of Global 3D this year, so his Master result is a great achivement.

UPDATE - Speed Cup results

Roberto Leschiutta got the 3rd place with 264.4 km/h in the speed cup, Laurent Bourgon with 278.6 km/h got the 2nd place, and Dieo Torazza won the speed cup with 295.5 km/h km/h.

Detailed results in PDF format


Detailed scoring and results of the competition in PDF format


Speed data, results and scoring of 3DCH Italy Speed Europe Championship in PDF format.