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27 July 2022

A new model from a new brand: Goosky Legend S2

Couple of days ago we have got a message: "Have you seen this? You must". And indeed, it's interesting. A model in the sub-size class competing the known models, addressed to both beginners and experienced, pro pilots. Brand new model from a brand new source.

A new model from a new brand: Goosky Legend S2

This is the Goosky Legend S2. Perhaps the name does'n t ring the bell, but the S2 resembles to something. You are right, this helicopter is a 200 class indoor & outdoor FBL model with integrated FBL device - Goosky GTS which hosts its integrated S-FHSS receiver, but also compatible with DSM-X, S-BUS and PPM interfaces - no transmitter should be an issue. 

Main rotor diameter is 440mm using 193 mm blades, the helicopter itself is 436mm long. It uses a 3S1P 750mAh battery. And the battery replacement should not be complicated, the bottom part of the canopy is retractable, therefore the canopy can remain in its place - this solution is quite unique in this class, although it's more popular at bigger helicopters.

This helicopter built with good carbon and CNC aluminium materials, metal reinforcements where they are useful, simple design, and.... direct drive - no complicated gears, sensitive belts. The servo bracket is for the real 120° layout. All servos are metal servos. Tail drive is independent with its own brushless motor spinning the 78mm tail rotor. The link rod of the main grips is adjustment free, no blade pitch setup required, it is supposed to be perfect.

Tail boom is not a conventional O pipe, it's a high strength shaped rod for high crash resistance. On top of that, the tail block itself is supposed to take the impact rather than the main frame.  Landing skid is a strong nylon one piece structure also designed to deal with harder landings. 

The helicopter comes with a mobile application, the setup and the fine adjustment is happening wirelessly through your mobile. This solution makes the helicopter a very handful practicing machine. And well, this is supposed to be a real 3D machine, but also ideal for absolute beginners. The total take-off weight is only 345g. 

No transmitter, no problem, the helicopter can come with its own simple transmitter - okay not the fanciest, not the smartest, but more than nothing. There are multiple variations and equipment, like the EPP box, more colour variations, the red-yellow, green-yellow, blue-green canopy colours for your preferences.

This is the helicopter and its details. Is it good? We haven't seen it yet in real life, but it is supposed to be. There are pilots (in Asia) testing the model and they said so far, they quite like it. 

The story behind the model: we heard that the similarity to OMP M2 EVO model is not a coincidence and the Goosky Legend S2 is not even a clone. They have the same roots in common, but that is a different story of the people behind these models. It's not confirmed yet, but the FBL software is assumed to be further developed than the concurrent's FBL software, also this model has got newer improvements. 

At the moment there's no Goosky S2 around, we try to get one sooner rather than later to test it in real life. Also no retailers announced yet - this is how new the brand is. 

A new model from a new brand: Goosky Legend S2