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10 July 2022

Global 3D 2022

Global 3D 2022 was held on the first weekend of July in the Netherlands as usual before the pandemic. After two years skipped, the competition was eagerly anticipated by all.

Global 3D 2022
Global 3D Master class / Source: XLPower

This year the championship moved to a new location, which was more convenient than the previous one. The three-day-long event had a very good vibe, thanks to all the pilots, organisers and spectators at the venue.

Final results

There were slight changes at both the Expert and Master class pilots. Marius Gehle from Germany and Ryan Chiu from  Taiwan could not compete, therefore the pilot list got shortened by two pilots. Ten pilots competed in the Master class. 

There were more changes among the Expert pilots: YoungBin Lee from South Korea, Krisztian Nagy from Hungary, June Lin from Taiwan could not attend, and although Andrei Tripolt from Austria was on the Global3D pilot list with an entry number, he did not compete throughout the weekend. However Fabian Kloß was not listed among the previously announced pilots, he flew in Expert class of Global 3D 2022.

Expert class

Ethan Williams finished at the 5th place, Florian Neuner has got the 4th and Fabian Kloß has got the 3rd place. The 2nd place was given to Wessel Haast. And the winner of 2022 is Callum Henson.

The result list in PDF format.

Master class

Only two new names turned up here: Vava Boonmala and Henrik Clausen - they were competing in Expert class last time finishing at the 1st and 2nd places. Marik Wiehenstroth finished at the 5th, Vava Boonmala at the 4th places. Kan Ponnooi could stand on the 3rd step of the podium, whilst Sakkarin "CD" Kongthon made the 2nd position. The champion of 2022 is Kenny Ko.

The final results of the Master class in PDF format

Unfortunately we - as RC helicopter Hub - did not attend at the scene due to other schedules, we followed all major moments remotely. Videos are being uploaded continuously to the Global 3D Youtube channel.