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10 July 2022

Full Pitch Fun Fly - awesome as usual

Perhaps this is one of the most anticipated fun fly events of the year in the UK. Not to forget other famous events, but this is the "safety valve" of Global 3D, the venue where the pressure of the championship flies away - with RC helicopters.

Full Pitch Fun Fly - awesome as usual
Source: Facebook via John Nobbs and FPFF / click for all

Pilots competing seriously a week before can fly with no stress together in an amazing vibe with friends, family members. A sort of celebration of the hobby. There are more comfy flight stations, caravans, motorhomes, barbeque... and of course helicopters. These were not so different this year again.

Almost everyone who counts more or less in this hobby is there (as long as they can). The venue is not far from the gorgeous Gloucester, technically it's part of the city with Gloucester postcode and around 15 minutes driving from the city centre. Why is this important? Because after the Full Pitch Fun Fly as a further stress relief, it's an ideal destination for further programmes in the nearby.

Returning to the famous FPFF this year was running normally again with many friends of the hobby, known people from all around the country. And not to forget the sponsors making everything possible: ATModels, Hely-shop.co.uk, Midland Helicopters and 360RC Technologies as local businesses and through them few major brands as well. 

And how was it? The photos and the videos shot there can tell much more than any words.

Full Pitch Fun Fly - awesome as usual