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08 May 2022

Freestyle Masters: great weekend in Buckminster

The Freestyle Masters Competition just finished with a good number of pilots, a not too bad weather and a very nice competition among the RC helicopter pilots.

Freestyle Masters: great weekend in Buckminster
More photos by clicking / Photos: Alan Robinson

The first two rounds were held on Saturday. In the first round Stu Smith finished on the 3rd, Callum Henson on the 2nd place and Duncan Osbourn got the highest points putting him to the 1st place. The first place did not change in the 2nd round; Duncan kept his position, whilst Stu and Callum swapped with each other: Stu Smith managed to get the 2nd place, Callum arrived on the 3rd

Saturday was the day of the knockout competition. The top 16 pilots got into the knockout race. The four top pilots got into the semi-finals in the afternoon: Callum Henson, Duncan Osbourn, George Isaacs and Stu Smith. In this rounds Stu Smith won against George Isaacs and surprisingly Callum Henson could knock out Duncan Osbourn. Therefore the final was held between Stu Smith and Callum Henson, whilst George Isaacs and Duncan Osbourn flew for the 3rd and 4th place. 

The final order was a sort of "paper form" after the semi finals:

  1. Callum Henson
  2. Stu Smith
  3. Duncan Osbourn
  4. George Isaacs

Freestyle Masters: great weekend in Buckminster