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01 May 2022

Fun Fly in Százhalombatta, warming up in Halásztelek

Finally, after a long break the event season just kicked off even in Hungary. The first fun fly of the year took place on Saturday, the warming up party was at the location of Heliwood on Friday. And both went surprisingly well.

It was a very long time when this many people gathered together at an event in Hungary. More than 20 pilots filled up the three flight stations on Saturday, there was no real break apart from the lunch time. It is true, we have to get used to the three parallel small flight stations, pilots flew in 1 or 2 formats mostly: either the full space was used - which wasn't significantly large either - or they flew on the two side stations only, and yet everything went well synchronised.

The event was great, lunch was well organised and very nice, the company was fantastic. This was true to both days in general, the whole event went well organised, well disciplined, and still had a good vibe. Uncounted flights resulted only two bigger and one smaller crash on Saturday. There was one crash on Friday, but Friday was more a sort of "professional day", about setting and fixing the helicopters with smaller or bigger problems.

It has to be mentioned that Zsolt Ramocsa - aka Ramo - brought his both extraordinary helicopters this time: there were intermeshing helicopters (yes, two of them) and the Ramo coax was there too. 

People not being around the hobby for ages visited the event, there was someone who did not attend any modelling event for a decade, but he came to see us this time. Events like this demonstrate that there is a hope, RC helicopter modelling is not a dying sport.

Fun Fly in Százhalombatta, warming up in Halásztelek