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28 March 2022

SAB Goblin RAW Piuma: what's new?

The newest model of SAB Heli Division, the SAB Goblin RAW Piuma will be released by end of April. Despite the rumours this model is not intended to replace the current RAW model and it is not a facelift either. This is more a "spinoff" of the current running RAW series.

The new Piuma can be understood as a light version of the original RAW. This is designed to have a lightweight, well performing model in 700 size even with cheaper configuration. It is aiming the sport and hobby flyers looking out for bigger classes. 

More components of this helicopter are compatible with the original RAW. Like the canopy which looks like the original RAW canopy but it is a more conventional design (a one piece form), can be replaced with the permanent RAW canopy and vice versa. 

Also big difference: this helicopter cannot accommodate the big 700 size motors, more the 550-600 class is the winning one: 4025, 4030, 4035 are the motor sizes. What more makes this heli cheaper in config? There is an official 6S support, when the helicopter is super light, although it's not going to be super agile. And having a 700 class model with 6S (one battery pack) configuration is a big deal. Literally you can fly this helicopter with the same batteries as your 550 6S model and you don't have to double them.

Of course the 12 cells configuration is also possible, the helicopter will get much more agile even though the recommended RPM does not go beyond 2000. Something for something: this helicopter is not designed for super high RPMs.

Kyle Stacy is explaining everything about this helicopter in this video and he is presenting the two configuration (6S and 12S) differences at the end of this demo.

And what's also important: the price will be €869 at SAB Italy, which places the model between the RAW 580 and the RAW 700 with about 100 - 100 euro difference in both directions.