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23 March 2022

Team announcements

As the season is about to start slowly and the Covid retreats finally, life goes back to sort of normal, teams announce their new joiners. Here are the most recent changes announced we are informed about.

Theta Servos

Theta servos welcome Dunkan Bossion. Dunkan announced his membership on Team Theta on 21st March. Dunkan is now member of the factory team.

ManiaX - ManiaX USA

There were quite a few announcements since the beginning of the year. Right in early January the Team ManiaX USA expanded by four new members: Brandon Cooper, Eric Shoe, Jermaine Thelwell and well known Scott Graham. Later on on 18th February there were two more members announced - two also great names: Nick Maxwell and Kyle Stacy joined the ManiaX team in the United States.

Soxos by Heli-Professional

The Swiss factory team expanded by two members: Maximilian Zick and Christoph Sartorius - announced by Heli-professional on 21st March.

1st RC

Raquel Bellot announced that earlier on this week, she will fly with 1st blades from now on as she joins Team 1st-RC.


And the most recent announcement: Kevin Fitz from Germany is now member of Team XLPower. We got informed about this by helicoach.de, seconds later the news popped up on the page of XLPower too.