Peter "PgPetike" Szabo
01 March 2022
This page contains personal opinions, speculations. The content may not reflect the views of those subjected, it may be in error of fact or draws a wrong conclusion.

What happened to this site?

When you look around here, you see that the content is a "bit" outdated. Indeed, this happens when nobody maintains these pages. And this happened exactly. But I'm trying to take a deep breath, to stand up and carry on. Why? It's a very good question...

It's quite obvious, the past two years with the pandemic and COVID world left a very significant mark on everything both morally and economically. These pages were not affected by the second impact, because they have never been producing any profit, and really, any measurable income either. Simply I got tired, steam has gone. And I think, I'm not alone, many of us feel the same. It will be hard to stand up from here.

And yet, we must stand up and carry on. We must have something to switch us off this abnormal world. Almost everybody has lost the motivation. There were no events, even the community lives suffered serious damages.

These pages were impacted seriously through me: simply I had neither power nor motivation to sit down, to go after stories, even to write down and edit into an edible format what popped up. This is what you see here now.

There has never been any financial benefit generated by this website to motivate me, but there was something else: a platform in common to present us and report about us, as an international community; to be honest, might be we don't need to let it go, but I don't cling to them either.

However, I see clear: overhyped social media has lost their miracles and their glories. Groups and pages come and go, communities tear apart. And original problems of the social media did not improve at all: contents sink into the digital swamp, what you publish now, will be a traceless, vague memory tomorrow. Forums mostly about to die, many of them disappeared. We have no platform left. And this is when I have to ask myself in terms of the website: "to be or not to be"

But let's be serious: check out how many reactions are on any posts, how many shares or so... Is this that I need to recognise: "hey, this is working quite well"? Anyway, I don't want to start an argument, this is my opinion. If you think so, Facebook and Insta will take you forward, then you can disagree; go, and carry on, it won't hurt.

In summary: I will try to pump a bit of life into these pages. And yes, I would appreciate any help, if you want to contribute, thank you.

What I won't do for sure:

  • I won't start arguments, brand fights.
  • I won't jump on all info like a news site, Let's make it clear - working on these pages is part of my spare time, I want feel good.
  • I won't spend 4-6 hours a day working on these contents like before, I can't anymore. I will do as much as I can without drowning into it.
  • I won't prioritise this one over other activities, if you want more, that requires contribution, because this is not possible on my own.

This year didn't start too well, and it's still not too bright; let's use these pages like a menthal panic room, the rest is not up to us....