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02 August 2021

Full Pitch Fun Fly last weekend

The Full Pitch Fun Fly was taken place last weekend in the United Kingdom. This event is the successor of the famous Whit Horse Fun Fly since the event location changed and moved from White Horse. Traditionally the event is held the weekend after the Global 3D, typically in the middle of July, but this year the event dates have changed.

Full Pitch Fun Fly last weekend
Photo: Paul S. Williams / Click for more...

The event started with a rain, then the rain mainly stopped Saturday morning. The wind did not stop pilots flying, so many flights could happen there. Amond others the Logo 800 was one of the most spectacular machines, and sadly a Goblin Raw was written off after few starts and a bigger maintenance. The night flight was very spectacular.  

Despite the changed dates the turnout was still nice, although significantly fewer people attended than in previous years. Not the last moment change was the only cause of the fewer attendees, both the pandemic and the weather contributed into it. This is also an international event normally, but the travelling restrictions are still in place in the United Kingdom, therefore overseas attendees could not arrive, and the weather was also not the best: a typical British summer.

The Full Pitch Fun Fly is held one week after the Global 3D allowing people coming from Venlo. This year the Global 3D was cancelled again, which also impacted the FPFF negatively. 

Rob Bingham, "father" of FPFF organised everything very well again, all the feedbacks praised his effort and work. Hopefully the circumstances give did not take his enthusiasm and the FPFF will go ahead next year. 



Full Pitch Fun Fly last weekend

  • Pilots at FPFF
  • Paul and Ethan Williams
  • Gabor Szalontay with his soXos Strike 7
  • Mike Wood
  • Team Hely-shop.co.uk
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