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15 July 2021

The Copper Doc cannot dispatch more this week
Severe flood in North West Germany

Local media reports that heavy rains of the last few days caused severe floods in this part of Germany, dozens are missing, more people killed, homes and businesses are at serious risks. The Copper Doc GmbH - one of the most important XNova distributor in the region and Europe - suffer the effects of the weather, and they are at risk of getting flooded by the River Moselle.

The Copper Doc cannot dispatch more this week
Photo taken by Michael Steinmetz

Obviously in the current circumstances dispatching is not the most important problem for the company, and with no exaggeration this is not even possible. Therefore delays expected.

As Michael Steinmetz, founder and chief of the company described the situation:

At the moment the Moselle is slowly coming through the delivery gate of the warehouse. The entrance of the main building is 60 cm above the current water level.
The level is still rising at a good 11 cm per hour, BUT: It's not that bad.

If you look at the pictures from other communities, we were hit "mildly" compared to them. Above all, Schuld (Adenau) has been hit particularly hard, where four people killed, over 50 are missing, 6 houses collapsed and countless turned into uninhabitable. So are many other communities in Eifel and in Moselle regions. Our thoughts are with them.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the helping hands from the neighborhood - we were quickly cleared.
Thanks also to everyone who has already offered their help via FB, Messenger and WhatsApp. You are great! 👍

Now we have to wait and see, when the maximum will be reached and the Moselle will fall again, it' will be the time to clean up.

We are very sorry that no more goods can be sent this week - at the moment access to the warehouse is hardly possible.
(Picture was taken directly in front of the hall.)