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13 July 2021

OMP HOBBY increase their prices
M2 upgrade also announced

OMP HOBBY just announced that the prices will go up on all products from 1 August 2021. This move is reasoned with the increasing prices of materials, electronic components. The higher prices caused by the pandemic as well as the higher demand all around the world, which cannot be ignored by the company - as it's announced.

The current price list is still valid until 1st August, when all the M2 V2, M2 Explore, OSHM2072 electric speed controller, SHM2113 flight controller set V2 and OSHM2114 control board will be listed on higher prices. The amount of the increase is not announced.

OMP HOBBY also announced that both the blade grips and swash plates of the M2 Explore model will be all metal parts. 

The company apologises for this hard decision, but - as they understand - there was no other solution