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21 June 2021

Helifest Fun-Fly
Finally: it's sort of back

After the last year's cancellations, it was good to see, the life is getting back to normal in the hobby. This is how the Helifest was taken place in the United Kingdom last weekend. Still not the same, but it's getting closer.

Helifest Fun-Fly
Helifest 2021 / Credit: Gabor Szalontay

Usually the Helifest is one of the biggest events in Europe and definitely the biggest on in the UK. And usually again, it's around end of May, which was under restrictions. This time of the year is about Global 3D normally, but the organisers took the opportunity, and instead of the cancelled Global 3D the Helifest took place in a slightly different format: it was a fun fly event. The main one is supposed to be in September (if nothing changes).

Main sponsors stood behind the weekend, all major shops were represented. Pilots from all around the UK turned up, however the international presence was much smaller than usual because of the travelling restrictions still in place. Not to forget: as long as somebody does not arrive from a green list country (containing a very few entries), COVID tests and self isolation are still enforced and cost a lot.

The weather was not the best, but wasn't bad either despite the British summer. There were numerous nice flights, demos and even some brands were represented by their local team members. 

And above all, the mood was something familiar, the typical festive feeling of the hobby. We can't wait for September.