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14 April 2021

Tarot 550/600 becomes Steam 550/600 Pro
The models are back

It was announced earlier this year that the Tarot left the business which involved the Tarot 550/600 concept. Now the model is back under a new name and managed by a new company. All the spare parts are also back and available.

Tarot 550/600 becomes Steam 550/600 Pro

The very unique models, the Tarot 550/600 were produced the Tarot before, when the company announced its closing down, the helicopter owners got a smaller shock due to their product supply. Many though that the model is over, although the conception was very divisive, some hate, other love.

The model is not secretly designed for practicing and trainings as a working machine, the main frame is supposed to cope with the majority of crashes protecting the electronics and the most costly components possible.

Luckily the model is now back and all the spare parts are available again at http://www.1krc.com/ - reported by the owner Minzi Zhi on Facebook.