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09 April 2021

New servos at BK Servo soon
Brand new series just announced

Bert Kammerer and Kyle Stacy just announced and demonstrated the new BK 9001/9005 HV brushless servos. The servos are not available yet, not even the datasheet is published yet, but they were seen in action just now.

New servos at BK Servo soon

The new servos will be introduced in the next 7-8 days at some point, then the very first limited batch will arrive soon.

Few details were shared with the audience just now, like the titanium servo gears, the 500 ounces (~14kg) (!) torque by these 8.4V High Voltage standard beasts. Both the cyclic and tail versions will be released after a longer break caused by COVID and other circumstances.

Further details will follow soon...