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22 March 2021

Tamas Toth joins Team Hely-Shop
The Hungarian pilot to strengthen the SAB line

Tamás Tóth just joined the Team Hely-Shop to promote the company in East-European region and in Hungary primarily. Tamas will present the SAB product line primarily in the colours of the British company.

Tamas Toth joins Team Hely-Shop

Tamás (aka, modelltomi or Tomi) is a very well known pilot among the Hungarian community, and he is also not unknown internationally, although his name is less known than his videos. His unique and bold flying style inspires more and his videos are watched everywhere.

He is a very passionate person, who also known about his community building activities. He is running the only Hungarian RC helicopter field at the moment in Pásztori, near to Győr, not too far from the Austrian border.