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17 March 2021

Protos 380EVO V2 is now available
The latest 380 kit from XLPower

The XLPower Protos 380EVO (Evoluzione) version 2 is now available. The model is slightly different from the version 1, although more parts are the same. The price is also not far from the previous one.

The model has got a new servo layout which resulted a new frame design. The real 120° servo layout makes both the building and the maintenance easier.

The kit comes with tail blades, receives micro servos as cyclic and micro or mini servo as tail controls. Motor recommendation is between 800-1000 kV.

The kit price is 20 dollars pricier than the previous version, costs 369 dollars at xlpower-rc.com.

Protos 380EVO V2 is now available