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12 March 2021

Events around the world
What to expect this year

Winter is almost over on the North hemisphere, the event season is about kicking off. Just we don't know what to expect in these difficult pandemic times. We wish we don't write these words down anymore: COVID and pandemic, but we must do it time to time. So let's pretend we are foretellers.

Events around the world

It is sad to see how the last year's event calendar looked. Almost all events labelled: CANCELLED. Due to these experiences RCHELICOPTERHUB will not run a similar event calendar, only those events will be listed which are very likely to happen. This is why the event calendar is still so empty.

Generally what do we expect this year? Much fewer events than anytime before 2020. And a bit more than last year. Rotor Live 2021 is gone. It was supposed to be this weekend, instead Germany is increasing the measures.

Next one is the Freestyle Masters in the United Kingdom planned to 8-9 May. It is very likely to happen, however almost certain this will be the event with almost no overseas attendees. 

Furtivos in Spain has no good chance at the moment, on top of that the event of May is not announced at all.

Helifest is going ahead hopefully, details and dates are promised to this weekend.

The next big event is Global 3D. That information source is very quiet, we doubt this can go ahead as planned, especially this is due to the bad pandemic picture in the Benelux states.

However FPFF - one of the best fun flies: the Full Pitch Fun Fly - will be able to go ahead and most likely this can be the first event in the UK which can host people from another countries. 

The Heli Challenge is the usual event in Switzerland in July, however nothing heard about it so far. This event is still in the risk category. We will get more info as soon as possible.

The next big event is the F3CN World Championship in Romania. Unlikely to happen as it's planned: between 30th July - 6th Aug. There are various options, one is the event will be postponed to September, another one is the event is going to be cancelled. The second option has a good chance we think.

However this is a good news for the IRCHA Jamboree, which is about the same dates. Actually the United States is one of the best performing countries in terms of vaccination, and they didn't make a big problem out of the events even before. So if the World Championship is cancelled, more known pilots can attend there.

Heliwood is supposed to be in August in Hungary. This was one of the few events last year, which was not cancelled, although it was taken in place with strong restrictions. Organisers are moving towards this direction this year again, and if the circumstances make the ease possible, then Heliwood can open up to a wider audience. Cancellation is not expected at all.

In the Autumn Charmouth Fun Fly is expected. This is the longest running fun fly event in the United Kingdom, and perhaps in the World. The Spring dates had to be cancelled due to the National Lockdown in the UK, but the UK vaccination is going well, this event in October is very likely to go ahead, the AHA are very excited and positive.

Later on the Australian events will be in place, like the South Australian Helifest, Canberra Helifest, and perhaps the Asian events like the Thailand Heli Blowout will follow. In the United States the Torchs Winter Bash is the known event. We expect that, all these events will be taken in place, although not all announced anything yet.