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11 March 2021

The newest Futaba transmitter: 16IZ
Affordable transmitter & receiver combo

The latest Futaba transmitter is now available almost everywhere. This product is one of the affordable models of Futaba which is designed for airplanes and helicopters offering 16+2 switch channels, supporting all the T-FHSS, S-FHSS and FASSTest communications.

The newest Futaba transmitter: 16IZ

The transmitter is a 16 linear and 2 switch channel transmitter. It has got a big, 4.3" wide-angle touch screen display for the settings, and equipped with a multi accessory holder with can mount extra equipment secured with M3 screws. 

The transmitter supports the audible telemetry helping the pilot with voice information during the flight, also vibration feedback is built in. 

The Futaba 16IZ can connect to computers via a Type-C USB connector therefore it can act as game controller.

The transmitter is compatible with FASST (with no Europe support)/FASSTest/T-FHSS/S-FHSS bi-directional communications. It has SD card slot to save and transfer settings. The price is vary, around $700 in the United States (including an R7108SB receiver). It costs around €700 in the European Union, whilst the initial price in the UK is around £630. The Australian price is not known yet. 

The transmitter is equipped with a 100mW RF output. Although the FASST Multi and FASST 7CH are supported, but these linking methods cannot be selected in Europe - due to the extremely strict radio communication standards. S.BUS 2 is also supported.

English manual for the Futaba 16IZ transmitter in PDF format.

The newest Futaba transmitter: 16IZ