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06 January 2021

ManiaX battery for Mikado VBar Control
New battery announced

ManiaX just announced its new LiPo battery line for Mikado VBar Control transmitters. The battery is designed for this transmitter in both shape and parameters. A new distributor also announced.

ManiaX battery for Mikado VBar Control

The new battery is now available to pre-order at the ManiaX distributors. A promotional price planned, but no further details known yet. 

The 1S, 6000mAh new battery pack has got matching connector, and has 5C discharge. It is 8.5mm tall, 43mm wide and 128mm long and weights only 115g.

A new distributor joins the ManiaX network

Dafera RC Hobby in Chile is the latest joiner, the company will be an official ManiaX distributor in the region.