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24 December 2020

SAB Goblin Raw unveiled
To be released in January

The newest Goblin has arrived: The SAB unveiled it in detail yesterday. The new SAB Goblin Raw is the lightest Goblin ever made as the company promises. The brand new concept is designed around pure performance.

SAB Goblin Raw unveiled
Source: SAB Heli Division / Click for more....

The new Goblin Raw follows an entirely new concept and yet suits into the Goblin series. The lightweight frame design, integrated canopy and simple structural solutions all designed around the airflow. This open structure provides a better sideway flying ability than any other models. The model shares many component concepts with the Kraken, even if there are slight differences. The simple design also makes the daily checkup easier, and the electric components can get better cooling due to the free airflow.

Bert Kammerer and Kyle Stacy introduce the model in this video in detail. The kit comes with main and tail blades, and a new tail tensioner tool also included. Retail price not known yet.

The SAB will release the model at end of January.

SAB Goblin Raw unveiled