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18 December 2020

Drone rules to change in the United Kingdom
Some drones under 250g require Operator ID

All drones and RC models under 250g were exempt of Operator ID regulations so far, which will change by 31 December 2020. As long as a drone has a camera on board, flying the drone will require valid Operator ID, although it remains free of the Flyer ID requirements.

Drone rules to change in the United Kingdom

All RC aircrafts, drones were excluded from the drone rules so far, as long as their weight did not exceed 250 grams. This is now changing: drones under 250g having on-board camera installed can be flown with Operator ID displayed on the device - except toys. However, it is not clear, which device with camera counts as toy. CAA has published a condition list of toys. The device CAN be a toy IF:

  • the manufacturer or store you bought it from describes it as a toy
  • you bought it from a toy department or retailer
  • it is marked as suitable for below age 14 or a younger age group
  • it was advertised or packaged to attract children 

No-toy drones with camera still don't require Flyer ID, but Operator ID must be obtained and displayed in the new year.