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18 December 2020

DJI blacklisted in the United States
Restrictions already apply

Reported by multiple sources: the US Commerce Department added the company manufacturing DJI drones to the so-called Entity List known as economic blacklist. This Chinese drone giant, SZ DJI Technology Co is being added among other other companies.

DJI blacklisted in the United States

The list has changed at 11:15AM (EST),  16:15PM (GMT), which means listing has taken in place by now. It is unclear so far, why the Chinese drone giant is blacklisted, but Drone DJ suggested the decision was the consequence of the company's reported work for the Chinese Government, and it's in connection to violations of human rights.

The decision means DJI cannot access certain technologies from the U.S. In short term customers are not affected, the decision does not mean, U.S. customers cannot purchase DJI products anymore, longer term affects are not known at the moment.