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17 August 2020

F3N League competition results
First F3N competition in the United Kingdom this year

Finally, the life is getting back to sort of normal, this is how the F3N League Competition No. 1 was held in the United Kingdom. The first wave of the pandemic postponed or cancelled many of the events, including this series as well, because this round is typically held in the spring. Despite the weather forecast, the competition could go ahead.

F3N League competition results
Source: F3N GBR

There were seven pilots competing, but many more turned up at the Flyin' Fish field in Ickenham, London. The competition finished with surprise, because Duncan Osbourn could get the second place behind Aaron "Phatflight" Cole.

The first three places were the same through the three rounds, the order remained: Aaron Cole, Duncan Osbourn, Dave Fisher. Then the next three changed during the competition, the order in the first round was Summer Fisher, Ethan Williams, George Isaacs, then it turned into the Ethan, George and Summer order during the round 2. Andy Kirby kept his 7th place in all rounds.

Final results

  1. Aaron "Phatflight" Cole  (3000)
  2. Duncan Osbourn (2937.34)
  3. Dave Fisher (2756.15)
  4. Ethan Williams (2452.35)
  5. Summer Fisher (2342.45)
  6. George Isaacs (2178.26)
  7. Andy Kirby (1902.36)