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16 August 2020

Heliwood 2020 Light
Surprising success in Halásztelek, Hungary

The Heliwood 2020 is now over. The event this year was special, because it was taken in place in the current COVID-19 pandemic, therefore there was no real advertisement campaign, and all the sponsors had to be ignored - except one - because the organisers could not guarantee even that the event could go ahead.

Heliwood 2020 Light

However the only sponsor could make it possible that the event was implemented in a high quality. The city council of Halásztelek in cooperation with the local militia organisation stood behind the event, therefore the Heliwood could be held in very good circumstances and a family like mood. The infrastructure and the catering was provided by the city, the full time catering was provided by the local buffet operating in the Ferenc Németh Sport Centre. All efforts much appreciated. The mayor of Halásztelek, Tibor Szabó has been attending the event for a whole afternoon. The members of the militia guaranteed the safety, and helped the smooth progress of the event with their work. 

In order to the attendees, it is also appreciated, many people turned up, despite that this Heliwood was advertised almost nowhere. The designated car park became full on Saturday afternoon, and there were flights continuously from the opening until the late lunch concatenated with the thunderstorm in the afternoon, there was not even one minute break. 

The lack of international participants was replaced by Hungarians living abroad, therefore Germany, Austria were represented next to the United Kingdom, the live streams from the event were followed by the pilots attending in the past years. Filip Ban expressed that he missed the Hungarian guys. 

All Hungarian participants enjoyed the event, this year's family Heliwood was liked by everyone.

The weather was sort of good, a short windstorm caused some disturbance on Saturday, Sunday was interrupted by a short thunderstorm in the afternoon only. Luckily only 3 crashes happened throughout the weekend, one on Saturday, the rest on Sunday. 

Attila Miklós and the HA-NGA Schweizer 300 has arrived this year again, the full scale helicopter held a short demo, then landed at the event and stayed at Heliwood almost all Saturday long. The helicopter left just before the arriving thunderstorm (which finally skipped the event), but Attila, the pilot held a second short demo as well before his leaving and the arriving storm. Whilst they were at Heliwood, he kept introducing the helicopter for the interested people.

The youngest pilot of the event was Daniel Bogdan-Szabo (who has been flying with daddy just in case), he will be 4-years-old soon, and the oldest one was Miklós Horváth, the main organiser of Heliwood, who just passed 67. Ladies were represented by Antonia Bogdan-Szabo, alias Toncsi. 

Despite that the event was not advertised on a wide range, spectators arrived throughout the weekend.

An agreement between the city represented by the militia and the organisers was made on the weekend as well: there will be Heliwood 2021, hopefully with no COVID-19 like regulations. 

Heliwood 2020 Light