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14 July 2020

News from Mikado by Kyle Dahl
Logo 200, Glogo 690, 6.4 VBar Neo software

Kyle Dahl just arrived to us with couple of exciting news about the Logo 200, the missing Glogo 690 and the new software, the version 6.4 of VBar Neo. And all news are very good and very promising. Briefly: brace for the summer.

Due to the COVID-19 many projects were delayed even at Mikado, but the company is finally speeding up, and getting back to the tracks. So all news from Kyle are very exciting. 

First is the new Mikado Logo 200. The project is pretty much in the finish, the helicopter will be available very soon in production amount. The helicopter is technically almost ready to go. This new helicopter promises a different experience from other small size helicopters, and many not so usual features within this class.

Second info is about the new software, the version 6.4 of VBar Neo, which was waiting for the fully tested VBar Neo Mini results, this is why the software was not available for the full size VBar Neo controller so far. But this is also in the finish, therefore if you are Mikado user, you will receive a notification about the new update soon.

And third and also very important thing: the Mikado Glogo 690 just vanished off the market for a while. This was because of the production difficulties caused by the pandemic situation, but thing get back to sort of normal, the second batch of the production is happening now, few tweaks are being made right now, the helicopter is expected to return in the shops in August.