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13 July 2020

Oxy 5 Nitro, the Nitroxy 5 ready to go
Pre-order opens

Finally, it seems the Oxy 5 Nitro is about the finish line. The Nitroxy is coming at the end of this month. Pre-order is now open at Lynxheli now, user's manual is in progress. The kit offers wide range of blade and servo options, this kit can be customised on many ways.

Oxy 5 Nitro, the Nitroxy 5 ready to go

The new Oxy 5 Nitro will arrive on 31th July. The pre-order is now open at the lynxheli.com. The new nitro version of the very successful Oxy 5 promises a very good performance within the 50 class nitro class. The price of the kit is $725 (no tax included).

The helicopter was designed by simplicity to make it as reliable as possible maintaining the lightweight structure and providing rigidity. The helicopter's full takeoff weight is about 3500 gramm including the 420 cl fuel. The Nitroxy can receive the blades between 600-625 mm by default, although with separately sold modified transmission this helicopter is able to use blades between 550-575 mm as well. Tail blades supported between 85-105 mm wide range. The kit supports the standard size servos, although optional mini size servo mount will be available as well.