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09 July 2020

Throwback: Global 3D 2019
Memories from Venlo

Global 3D 2020 was supposed to be last weekend originally, then it was re-scheduled a week earlier. Later on it became a victim of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is cancelled. If everything went as it was planned originally, we would process the contents of this year right now. Instead, we have collected the most memorable moments of the last year.

Throwback: Global 3D 2019
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In one hand the Global 3D 2019 is like it happened just yesterday, in other hand it feels like history. And to be honest, it was a sort of history indeed. The weather was good  throughout the weekend, except Saturday night, when the night flights had to be cancelled, because a storm ruined the programme.

There were memorable flights, crashes and drama. The three most memorable crash was a midair collision during the Egodrift demo on Saturday, Kan Poonnoi's epic crash Friday afternoon, when the helicopter broke out towards us, and finally but last Kyle Stacy's crash in the last freestyle round putting him to the 5th place in the final.

The biggest drama was Lukas Bißlich's freestyle flight on Saturday, when the judges disqualified him for crossing the safety line. Lukas was absolutely certain, he was flying close to the line, but he did not cross it. Finally his points got annulled in that round.

The most memorable flights within the competitions were all the final freestyle and music flights, but if we have to raise three personal ones then, Kyle Stacy's smoky Kraken flights, Kan Poonnoi's finals  and Sakkarin CD Konghton's victory flight.

And what an experience Global 3D is? It is very emotional, but also exhausting if you are not just a spectator there. 3 days massive work for all organisers, sponsors, teams, and everyone, especially the competing pilots. But it is unmissable.

Personally what we liked, how everything was well organised including such details, like the toilets. I have never seen so clean and well maintained toilets at a field event as there throughout the whole weekend.

Rchellicopterhu.uk (this was the name of this website then) was running a separate page just for the event, if ou want more memories including the results, just jump over there.   

Throwback: Global 3D 2019