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03 July 2020

SAB Goblin Kraken 580 Nitro
Not too long to wait

The SAB Goblin Kraken 580 just released since the last week and the first images just popped up about its nitro edition. It seems the project is in a good shape, the first models are out at the team pilots.

SAB Goblin Kraken 580 Nitro
SAB Goblin Kraken 580 Nitro / Jonas Schelpe

The first post about the Kraken 580 Nitro was published in the morning by Dunkan Bossion.

Later on Jonas Schelpe shared his pictures about the new model about 30 minutes before this article was written. 

It seems the model is serious, which makes sense, because its size is .50 class. 

And when is it released? Not confirmed yet, but as far as we know: end of July, early August.

Stay tuned, more to follow...