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03 July 2020

Happy Independence Day United States
Sales celebrating 4th of July

Independence Day on the weekend: Shops offer various sales around the national and international holidays, and this day will not be an exception either. Even RC shops offer sales, discounts, coupon codes for the weekend, so we keep an eye on these sales for you, and they will be collected on this page. The list is updating until Sunday evening.

Happy Independence Day United States

Although this is a typical sales time, we don't expect too many. The COVID-19 affects badly the RC industry as well as almost all other sectors, therefore stores have less income to spare. But what we found will be here...

04/07/2020 10:09:12

Soxos sale from HeliDirect

04/07/2020 09:45:32


03/07/2020 12:39:14

Mikado USA

03/07/2020 12:38:00

Scorpion Power System USA

03/07/2020 09:38:28


03/07/2020 09:38:01

Only Fine Helis

03/07/2020 09:32:37

HeliDirect LLC