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01 July 2020

RCHelicopterHub set to leave Facebook
Reduced presence on social media planned

If you are reading this article now and you landed here via any social media platforms, especially Facebook, you are that one particular reader out of 20 all readers, who's landed on the same way. 19 others arrived on different routes. This is the current picture of the social media, and this situation requires reactions.

RCHelicopterHub set to leave Facebook

The number of the readers has dropped, which is not a surprise. There are not too many news in the current pandemic environment, and to be honest, as a non profit organisation, lack of the time can impact the content as well. And this happened so far - less content less readers. As the things get back to sort of normal, an analysis was made on the numbers just to see, how we are and what to do to use better the time given.

And some data caused a shock: Around 5 per cents of all visitors arrive from social media despite that almost everything is shared and communicated there. Around 60 per cents land on the website by a search engines, like Google, Yahoo or Bing. 34-35% come to us directly or via a referencing link, and only 5 per cent from social media.

This social media slice is also changing. Not so popular sources like Pinterest, Tumblr represent their market rates of the whole business correctly, Twitter and Youtube are improving, VKontakte hasn't break through yet, but the Facebook is declining strongly. Why is that?

Further analysis shows that the number of reached people at all posts is declining a lot, whilst the number of the followers (10K) haven't changed significantly. Last year there was no post which hasn't reached at least 5-600 people, the average was above one thousand. Then the number started to drop slowly. The average number in March was around 500, and now there are few posts only with higher numbers than 200. The activity rate hasn't changed much, around 10-15%, which means 1 out of 10 people seeing a post will click on it and read the content. This reader source has suffered 80% loss in the last six month, whilst not fewer people follow the page - it is true, the page has about 300 fewer followers than before, but the number is still around 10K, probably they were fed up of Facebook, and left the platform - or got removed by admins, we are living in a sensitive world now.


The reasons of these dropping numbers are almost absolutely out of our control, because the numbers of reached people are affected. And those numbers do not depend on the contents, images used or anything controlled by us - the only way how we can increase them, if we pay for boosted contents. Facebook wants to maximise the profit, and this will be even worse.

Facebook immersed into the swamp of politics, the newsfeeds are full of #BLM and anti #BLM hashtags and contents, political contents, especially contents of their partners in favour oppressed, whilst other contents suppressed. If you check your own newsfeed you see that, fewer and fewer posts show up from your friends, your groups and especially from the pages you follow. The latest one is because of the profit maximisation, which will be even more important for Facebook now, when massive customers, like the Coca-Cola, the PepsiCo, Microsoft and so on boycott the social media giant and take a big money away from them. The loss has to be paid by small companies and customers at least partially. Consequently we would be forced to pay for popping our posts up in newsfeeds. Actually we are forced even now, but this force is going to be stronger.

RcHelicopterHub.com does not want to play this game, and time is money, therefore we will not waste the time on worthless work, Facebook will be abandoned partially and we focus on other sectors. 

However, we afraid, the work made by us is going to be more difficult, as we are not the only affected client of the tech giant. It is quite certain, the money sensitive companies of the RC heli industry will not and cannot spend hundreds and thousands every time when they want to tell something to their followers - including us - about their progress and products, especially about their people. RCHelicopterHub.com does not make news, just write about them. These news will reach us harder through this platform, than before, if they will at all. Alternative solutions are being investigated.