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23 June 2020

NeXt CGM: new models and a new training pattern
Version 1.659 available now

The most recent update, v1.659 of NeXt CGM simulator is released and available to download. NeXt users have got the update notification already, but what's in this version?

First, there is a new training pattern, the F3C with flags. And this is not just projected there, the flags are physically placed in the simulator, so when a helicopter hits them, they will fall over. It is tested and indeed. The F3C pattern is useful really, when the simulator is used with VR goggles, like an Oculus, otherwise it is hard to sense the distances. But the feature is very good with goggles to practice real F3C manoeuvres.

The upgrade also gives the users the Mikado Logo 550SE configured by Mirko Cesena. The helicopter is very enjoyable in this configuration, although the pirouetting rate is very quick, takes time to get used to it for those, who use lower rates - alternatively, it can be changed. The model is very agile with the feeling of a real 550-600 class electric helicopter. By our tests it is free of glitches, we haven't experienced any during this short test period.

Perhaps the most anticipated addition is the OMPHOBBY M2 helicopter, the origin of the well awaited Logo 200. But the big difference between these models is the flybarless device. This one has no VBar controller, and indeed, it feels like a small sized model in general. It is a real 200-250 class model with its all expected behaviour. Its momentum energy is small, therefore the manoeuvres flown require practicing. The stability is also low due to the small rotor disc, and - of course - the ability of autorotation is close to zero, which is well implemented in the simulator. But it is a fun model, and, if the simulator reflects the reality well, it holds the tail enough for flying even harder manoeuvres.