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23 June 2020

AccuRC 2: SAB Goblin Kraken 580 to be added
Alpha users can test the model

AccuRC was quick and the new SAB Goblin Kraken 580 is now in the simulator, shortly after the official release of the real model. The virtual model is almost ready to go in the production edition of the simulator. Alpha users have got their updates in the last two days, which contains the mid-size Kraken.

The new SAB Goblin Kraken 580 is arriving with the Scorpion Tribunus 12-130A ESC, the HKIII 4035 560kV motor, BK Servo 7002 HV on the cyclic and 8005 on the tail. The helicopter swings the 570 mm long SAB blades, and 95 mm SAB blades placed on the tail. All components can be replaced, and the simulator is prepared for the future colour variations as well. There are 9 motors available for the helicopter: The Align 600MX, a KDS, a Kontronik Pyro, two Scorpion and four Egodrift Tengu motors. If we counted well, 40 different servos are on the selection list to choose the most suitable one, so the helicopter can be customised a lot. The helicopter is a 12S configuration.

The helicopter was tested with the default configuration, this is how it comes in AccuRC. It feels like a real 600 class model, it behaves like a 600 despite the shorter blades. Very agile, very precise and the visibility is amazing. The colour scheme makes it visible in any circumstances in daylight as long as the helicopter is visible at all. 

The model is pretty much done. Only few tweaks required for the final release, which is planned on 25th of June. When the model will be released, all production users will get the model through the automated steam download - if it is not disabled.