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09 June 2020

Oxy 5 HF - limited edition
Available for Oxy owners only

The Oxy owners probably know, the new Oxy 5 HF (High Fidelity) has arrived. It is a limited edition model which is available for Oxy owners and strictly from the Lynx website only. It will not be available at retailers.

The HF version of Oxy 5 is a modified edition of the original Oxy 5. It has got all the upgrade components, custom, matte canopy design, upgraded tensioners and one way system, and few other changes. But not everybody can buy it.

The Oxy 5 HF version is available for the customers, who own at least one registered Oxy model already. One customer can order two kits only. The price is $999.

The kit contains both the 550 and the 600 size configurations, Lynx 550 and 600 main, and 95, 105 tail blades as well. Various pinions, and pulleys also included. Only electronics and the standard equipment will be required.