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08 June 2020

NeXt: version 1.658 is out
Two new models, a heii and a fixed wing included

The NeXt released the most recent version of the simulator, the 1.658 last weekend including two new models, the Align T-Rex 700X and the Pilot-RC Extra NG 2,61m. The T-Rex is configured by Luca Pescante.

The update is available for all neXt users. The models are correctly pre-configured, although we are not experts of fixed wing models, at the beginning the Extra caused few inconvenient seconds, it is so sensitive - but this is why we use simulators: no risks.

However the T-Rex 700X is quite accurate and nicely built in the simulator. The model can be used in soft, medium and hard configuration, and as an addition, there is a setup created by Luca Pescante.

The setup is very agile, typical smacking configuration especially with high RPM, but ideal to practice quick manoeuvres.