Peter "PgPetike" Szabo
03 June 2020
This page contains personal opinions, speculations. The content may not reflect the views of those subjected, it may be in error of fact or draws a wrong conclusion.

Remain silent
Anything you say can be used against you

...and the company represented by you. This is the "Miranda warning" adopted to RC representative format. There are certain situations when you better keep quiet because when you act that will affect you and the brand you represent. And certainly the current geopolitical circumstances are a case.

Remain silent
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I see more representative people expressing their opinions pro and contra about reigning presidents, prime ministers, other politicians and people becoming symbols. I intentionally don't name them - neither the representative nor the cases.

And remaining silent is not just your right, this is your duty. A big portion of current or future customers of the company you represent are on the opposite side - regardless on which side you are -  who will change their mind just because of your political opinion. To be honest, even I've changed my plans recently because of few of you. Of course what is a loss on one end will be a win on another end, and another company can benefit from it, but your duty is call as many people as you can, retain them instead of ousting them.

If I was the sponsor of more of you, I would shred your contracts right now with immediate effect, because what you guys are doing is bad to the hobby and to the business as well. When you are representing a company, when you are sponsored by a company, you are simply not allowed to express your political views regardless on which side you are on.

As the editor of this website, I am asked continuously not to be biased. It is hard, I have my opinion which is not necessarily the same as the content of the website. Of course there are companies presented more times, than others, but there's a practical reason, we and I can publish more about them as they give me and us the information requested, or just the info available easier than in other cases. Nobody knows my personal opinion about brands, companies. Because my task to remain as neutral as possible. And most of the times I am questioned by those who spread their political beliefs right now.  

Of course, there are many others remain silent, and I am absolutely certain, they have their own thoughts about these people, parties or acts, but they all know that: being representative is responsibility - what they show by themselves presents brands behind them.