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25 May 2020

Planet Fun Fly
Questions & Answers

Nobody has done such an event before. Nobody knows how it is working as a programme. Does it work at all? We don't know either, but this is the only way as we can have a fun fly during the different lock downs, so we give it a try. Everything to know about the technology.

The name represents that you can join the fun fly from all around the planet - as long as you are able to fly legally and you can stream your flight. We put everything together into one big show making sure something is happening always. The success is not guaranteed at all, but this is more than no fun flight at all. And it is a chance to show off.

The Planet Fun Fly will be streamed on Facebook, on Youtube and on Twitch 

Registration required 

Technology to be used

  • Main communication platform is Google Meet. All participants can talk to each other in the meeting there. This meeting can go live into the stream. 
  • RTMP streaming software to stream your part, like Broadcast Me. The quality is better than the Google Meet, we prefer this way if it is possible. 
  • Discord for the backstage communication

These applications will be used. How to use them and configure them at the bottom of this page.

Pilots registered so far

Questions and Answers

Why is this better than a usual live stream?

Because your stream is watched typically by your friends only. In this case you can reach more people. And you are on your own with your standalone stream, whilst we try to reproduce the real Fun Fly feeling virtually, where you can talk to other pilots, you can show your stuff to others, or you can discuss anything, this is why it will be more fun....

How it will work briefly?

Like a fun fly just online. We will meet on Google Meet. Everyone will be at the place where he/she is flying, and on Google Meet. This is where you can talk to each other, where you can set up the flying order. We don't control it. When someone is flying and wants to stream the flight (or any other interesting act), we recommend to use the Broadcast Me. You will be given a URL where to stream. That stream goes into the live show. The Google Meet kept sort of private between us. You start the stream, we hook it up, put it in the show. Then you receive a message on Discord, "you are live", so the show is yours in the next up to 10 minutes. When nothing is happening, we have archive videos to entertain the viewers. While one of you is flying, the next one will start streaming too. Like a Fun Fly queuing system just online. 

"What if I cannot use the Broadcast Me"?

No problem, we can stream the Google Meet as well, although the image quality will be lower. And we need to mute all others in the meeting whilst you are streaming. But it is an option.

Why do we use Discord?

Discord messages pop up on your mobile screen even though the application is running in the background. Therefore you will see the "YOU ARE LIVE" message whilst you are streaming. When you are using two devices or iPhone, it is possible to remain in the Google Meet application whilst you are streaming, but only one application can record sound, therefore your stream will have no sound if you don't leave the Google Meet. And we cannot message you, when you are live.

Why do I have to get notified when I am live?

The high quality stream you are sending arrive to us with a delay, this is about 5-7 seconds. The targeted platforms (Facebook, Twitch, Youtube) have nice delays as well, so the stream you send and the stream you see can be quite far from each other, this is more than 30 seconds sometimes. You need to know, when you are active.

Why don't we use something more popular like Facebook Messenger?  

There are few people with serious concerns to Facebook. We cannot force everyone to have a Facebook account. Discord is a gaming communication platform, which does not want to know too much about you. Easy to use, simple and free of charge. And it does what it is supposed to do. It can have voice chat room as well for the backstage communications. 

Why do we use Broadcast Me?

This streaming application is cheap (and free on Android), simple and we tested it. But any other RTMP streaming applications can be good. For example the DJI Go Create also able to stream to any RTMP servers, so if you want to broadcast from a drone, you can.

Who makes the show?

You - RCHELICOPTERHUB.COM just provides the technical background. This is why the best, when two of you are at the airfield, one is streaming whilst the other is flying. You can comment what we see. 

Should I comment in English?

No. When we are in another countries, everything is happening in their language. Now we are jumping from one country to another one, so you can comment in your own language. This is why we don't have a commentator.

Which level of flying can join?

Any level - this is a fun fly. As long as you are flying safe, you are welcome.

Can we share saved content as well?

Yes, you can. Record your flight, upload it. And we put it into the live show. Takes up to 30 minutes to process it (including your uploading time). Where to upload? All registered pilots will get the information the day before the event. 

Why the pre-registration is required?

Because people want to know, who is going to fly. This does not mean, nobody else can fly in your stream, but we need to know, who is streaming or uploading the content. We have to prepare the uploading space, the streaming channels to everyone, and we cannot share the information publicly. Registered pilots will get the data.

How to hold the phone whilst I am streaming?

Please hold your phone sideways (landscape), otherwise we have to either crop the video or leave it as a strip in the middle of the screen. This is true for the Google Meet and for the Broadcast Me streams as well. You can rotate your phone in Google Meet, but the stream in Broadcast Me remains as it was at the beginning, when you started the streaming. 

How will it work in reality?

  1. All pilots join the Google Meet meeting. Then you guys can decide, who will be the next streamer. We will be in the meeting as well.
  2. The streamer can stream via Google Meet (but we may mute all others or the discussion goes live). Or you can launch the streaming app (Broadcast Me) to start streaming. Please make sure you are in the #planet-fun-fly Discord channel on our Discord server. The app can run in the background.
  3. When your stream arrived and our system hooked it up, you will receive a notification via Discord: "You are live". And the show is yours.
  4. Whilst you are streaming, we prepare the next stream with somebody else. After you finished your stream, we switch the next one.  

 Applications and configurations

Google Meet

"So easy a caveman can do it". Just click on the URL received in the invitation e-mail (registered pilots will receive it), and you will join. If the Google Meet is not installed on your mobile, the app will install. If you are using a PC, a simple Google Chrome can run it.


Install the Discord client on your device (iPhone version or Android version). If you are running it on a PC you can use either the web client, or the desktop client. Then click on this link: https://discord.gg/KWh9h5g. This will connect you the the RCHELICOPTERHUB discord server (limited invitation, will expire...). All registered pilots will get the permission to access the #planet-fun-fly room.

Broadcast Me

Available on Android (free) or iPhone (seems free, but streams 30 secs only, full version costs €5). It is enough if you stream in 1280×720 in LANDSCAPE mode. The Bitrate should be around 1500, but 500 is the minimum. There's no need to go over 2500, because the main stream does not go over 2500 either, so you generate unnecessary data, which takes your data only. The SERVER URL will be provided to all registered pilots. 


Planet Fun Fly

  • Aaron "Phatflight" Cole
  • Andy Weber
  • Daniel Szep
  • Gabor Beck
  • Gabor Szalontay
  • Gergely Gyenes
  • Ivan Adams
  • Krisztián Nagy
  • Maximilian Zick
  • Yan Müller
  • Sebastian Schmidt
  • Tamás Tóth
  • Andrei Tripolt
  • Matthias Neubauer
  • Steven Bätzler