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24 May 2020

Planet Fun Fly next weekend
Live stream about the details this evening

Planet Fun Fly - the streamed fun fly created by the pandemic - will be taken in place next Saturday. This is the first time - and hopefully the last - when we make a fun fly like this: a fun fly on the Internet. Pilots from different countries will fly for us online.

Planet Fun Fly next weekend

The registration is still open to everyone. If you want to fly in the live show, register, and follow the live show tonight, where we will discuss about the detail. Nobody has done a fun fly like this before, nobody knows how it will work, and there are a number of questions. 

Live show on the Facebook and on the Youtube at 6PM (British Summer Time). If you want to join to the conversation, meet us on Google Meet.

Pilots registered so far

Planet Fun Fly next weekend

  • Aaron "Phatflight" Cole
  • Andy Weber
  • Daniel Szep
  • Gabor Beck
  • Gabor Szalontay
  • Gergely Gyenes
  • Ivan Adams
  • Krisztián Nagy
  • Maximilian Zick
  • Yan Müller
  • Sebastian Schmidt
  • Krisztián Nagy
  • Tamás Tóth
  • Andrei Tripolt
  • Matthias Neubauer
  • Steven Bätzler