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14 May 2020

Align T-Rex 650X final steps
The new model from Align to be released very soon

The Taiwan manufacturer, Align Corporation released the latest news about the new 650X Dominator model. The model was supposed to be finished earlier, but the pandemic slowed the processes down. Finally, the helicopter is in the final stage before it can be released.

Align T-Rex 650X final steps
Align T-Rex 650X Dominator / Source: Align Corp. / Click for more....

In this step all parts have to be quality assured, and the final test flights have to happen before the company can put the sticker on: "it is finished and ready to go". There's no official release date announced, but it is expected, the model will be available in the early summer.

The Align Corporation promises further information very soon.

Align T-Rex 650X final steps