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14 May 2020

13T tail upgrade kit for Soxos Strike 7
Designed for low RPM

The Heli-Professional just announced the 13T tail upgrade kit for their Soxos Strike 7 helicopters. This is not supposed to replace the original tail drive, this kit is an option designed for low RPM running.

13T tail upgrade kit for Soxos Strike 7

The low head speed is not a friend of many models, as it affects the stability and the tail performance negatively a lot. But there is an elegance of flying with low RPM, many pilots like it. The main rotor performance remains satisfying with a 700 class helicopter, but the tail performance is declining a lot in most cases. The new upgrade kit is aimed to increase the performance in these circumstances. This change will result 30% better tail performance - promised by Heli-Professional. 

The kit price is 44.99 CHF at Heli-Professional


  • 1 × Drive Belt 8mm  (Nr.1699-8)
  • 1 × Tail Drive Pully 13T  (Nr.1687)
  • 2 × Tail Belt guindance (Nr.1680-01)
  • 4 × Flanged Bearing 3×8×3 (Nr.1705)
  • 2 × Distance Sleeve (Nr.1706)
  • 1 × Set Screw M4x6 (Nr.1701)
  • 2 × Hex Socket Screw M3×20 (Nr.17)