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26 April 2020

Mini Live Stream Fun Fly
THE TEST - this afternoon

We are working hard on the Fun Fly - Live Stream edition. Because nobody else has done it before, every tiny bit has to be figured out now. Fortunately the plan is getting in ship shape, and we are almost there. Here's the time to try it this afternoon.

Mini Live Stream Fun Fly

If you want to be in, and you are flying this afternoon around 3PM (European Time), then you can join us. There are few technical pre-requirements, but it going to be fun. You can fly with other pilots together in a virtual space.

There's a room set up just for you guys, where you can talk to each other, you can discuss or even share videos. This is our DISCORD Server. And here's the place when you can decide who's streaming next. We just help to make it happen, the fun fly is yours. And you can stream your flight into the main stream, this is how we can give the people a real fun fly - without gathering somewhere, which is very difficult in these days.

How it works


  1. Install the DISCORD client on your mobile and find the RCHELICOPTERHUB Discord server. You will need an account as well at Discord obviously, but it is easy to create one. 
  2. Install the Broadcast ME app on your Android or iPhone mobile (Android version is free, iPhone seems to be free, but if you want to stream more than 30 secs, you will have to buy the full license for €5). Other RTMP streaming applications can also work, but we support the Broadcast Me primarily, in other cases there can be problems, which we don't know. But give it a go, if you have one.   
  3. Test your streaming device: Start a stream to the following URL: rtmp://rchelicopter.hu:2121/testme/<your.name> where <your.name> is in the following format: firstname.lastname For example: rtmp://rchelicopter.hu:2121/testme/peter.szabo. If the application you are using instead of Broadcast Me requires Stream Key separately, then cut the <your.name> bit from the URL, that will be the stream key. So in your case the stream URL is:  rtmp://rchelicopter.hu:2121/testme/ and the Stream Key is <your.name>, as before like peter.szabo.
  4. Now you can verify your stream. Just download a VLC Player, which is available on all platforms and almost all mobile devices, and open your network stream. The entire process is described here at the end of the article. If your streaming works well, you are ready to the live show.

The Live Show

Register yourself at the fun fly. Just visit our Discord Server and enter the #live-stream-fun-fly chat room. Tell us, you want to stream your flight. And we will give yu the final stream URL, and all the other details (when to fly, etc). Also you will get the right to talk in the Live Stream Fun Fly voice chat room, without the registration you cannot talk there, just listen. The voice chat is for us primarily, so that is not going to the live show, although, at the end we plan to put it in the stream, just to tell your experiences, but you will be noticed.

Hurry up with your registration, the number of places are limited, and we cannot guarantee you, we can accept registrations after 14:30 (CET).

When you will be the next, we will tell you on Discord, you are coming. You will be asked to leave the voice chat room for the time of the streaming, as the stream sound goes in the live stream, instead of the Discord, and the Discord voice chat is blocking the streaming application's sound recording, therefore your stream is going to be fully quiet. But when you can start to talk and fly, you will get a message on Discord, which pops up on your screen, so you know, you are live. From that time, you have 10 minutes - then the streaming server will move on the next stream. 

The streams will go out on Youtube and Facebook as well.  

More or less, this is how we plan the afternoon. And lasts as long as it lasts (okay 1-2 hours, this is just a test). If it goes well, then the following info will be published throughout the next week. 

Technical details

The whole stream is digital (what a surprise), which means due to the digital processing, there are delays. The delays

  • Your stream comes in the show in 5-8 secs
  • The whole show goes out to our stream server in 4 secs
  • Discord audio comes in 2 secs
  • Facebook processing time is 20-50 secs
  • Youtube processing time is about 30-90 secs

Therefore what you say or do at the airfield will go out to the Social Media servers in 9-13 seconds and will be played by Facebook in 29-63 seconds (all together), whilst it can take almost 2 minutes at Youtube. So when you are streaming, don't rely on the Facebook or Youtube playback, they are far behind the studio.