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24 April 2020

World Heli Sim Competition
Final results

The first World Heli Sim Competition is over. The live stream show has ended this evening, and the final results are published.

World Heli Sim Competition

The extraordinary situation caused by the pandemic created new solutions to keep the RC heli hobby and sport alive. One was the WHSC series, which ended earlier. The series was seen in the evening hours since 16th April. 

The final results


  1. Andy Eder
  2. Cédric Melens
  3. Oscar Ponsetti
  4. Andrea Brambilla
  5. Michal Bencur


  1. Kan Poonnoi
  2. Luca Pescante
  3. Sakkarin CD Kongthon
  4. Daniel Schreier
  5. Vava Boonmala 

We cannot add too much to the beginner results, however, the professional results have had truly outstanding outcome. Surprisingly, the last year's Master class winner of Global 3D 2019, Sakkarin CD Kongthon has got the 3rd place, whilst the 3rd of the most famous competition last year, Kan Poonnoi made the 1st place at the WHSC. Luca Pescante has arrived at the 2nd place, and the German joker, Daniel Schreier came at the 4th. Vava Sasikana Boonmala, the winner of Expert class at the Global 3D 2019 has got the 5th place.