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24 April 2020

Live Streams
Something is happening

Perhaps you noticed that we have adhoc live streams - with few technical glitches - in the last couple of weeks and to be honest the content is not updated too often. What's happening now?

Live Streams
Credit: Krisztián Nagy

First, there's not too much to read about, the hobby is standstill almost in the current worldwide situation. The only continuous news is which event is cancelled. This is why we decided to try something new, but this is putting us into various technical difficulties.

We, the RC pilots cannot go to a fun fly, let's bring the fun fly to all of us.

We are working on this challenge, and it seems the technology is now given. We are planning a fun fly online. Not all of us, but many of us is still able to go out to fly on his/her own, so let's put these flights together as a real fun fly. We are still working on the details, but we just arrived to a milestone, when we have the technology and the working methodology: how to bring these pilots together and how to make a virtual fun fly. All flights will be real flights streamed online.

We have created 6 stream channels where all of you can stream your own flight which will go into a fun fly show. You guys can discuss it who will be the next. You can talk to the people, they can talk to you, and this is going to work form all around the world.

Mini fun fly - the test

We need to test the conception. We need to practice to do it. This is why we will make a one hour long test this weekend. Originally we wanted to do it on Saturday, but the weather will be really gusty in Europe, so we postponed it to Sunday. But we will test it on Sunday afternoon at 3PM (CET) and 2PM (BST).

If you fly somewhere on Sunday

Come and join us. Have a Discord application on your phone, find the RCHELICOPTERHUB server and enter the #experiment text channel, where the stream endpoints will be announced and you guys can talk to each other, who wnats to stream. Each endpoint can be used by ONE stream, but whilst one is flying, the another one can prepare. All details will be published on Discord.

For the streaming: you will have to have an application which can stream to a custom server on RTMP protocol. Our recommendation is the Broadcast ME (free on Android, €5/£5 on iPhone), but there are other good applications - like DJI Go Create).

This Sunday we wait for the pilots, who want to fly ina live stream. And we will work on the final details of the show.

Do not break the law. Do not come to fly illegally breaching the lock down regulations in your country. We cannot take any responsibilities for your flight! But if you can fly, then help us, the community to make something unique.

When the fun fly will be?

If everything goes well, we are planning it on 30th of May. But all details will be published next week.

How to test your streaming?

1. Install the Broadcast Me Application on your mobile phone (free on Android, €5/£5 on iPhone).

2. Setup the Application like on this picture. The Server Url has to be: rtmp://rchelicopter.hu:2121/testme/<your.name> where <your.name> is in the following format: firstname.lastname For example: rtmp://rchelicopter.hu:2121/testme/peter.szabo

3. Download a VLC player to your computer, almost all systems are supported.

4. Launch the program and Open a network stream. Start streaming from your phone.

5. Type the SAME URL that you set on your mobile into the text field and open it.

6. If your stream goes through. You are ready for the test. 

Notes If you are streaming with a different application which requires STREAM KEY, then the URL will be: rtmp://rchelicopter.hu:2121/testme and the Stream Key: <your.name> where <your.name> is in the following format: firstname.lastname. VLC Requires the URL in the format ABOVE at step #2

One person can test at a time, therefore when the connection is not available, someone else is using it. Try it later.