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01 April 2020

AccuRC extended edition: Accu0G
World is not enough

Have you been bored by mother Earth’s boring, very constant gravity of 9.807 m/s²? Do you want to explore something new you’d never be able to do in real life? Well fear not! AccuRC introduces a new scenery in the simulator. In the next release we leave this mud globe, and land on the surface on the Moon. The new edition provides an extraordinary environment for flying.

AccuRC extended edition: Accu0G

The different gravity can provide very interesting feeling. Instead of flying in 9.807 m/s2 gravity, the Moon gives you 1.625 m/s2, which makes the manoeuvres even lighter and softer. Even a crash impact will be smoother and more spectacular.

Fly around the craters, visit the lunar mission locations.

AccuRC promises, more planets to come soon including Mars (3.711 m/s2), Venus (8.870 m/s2) and Mercury (3.700 m/s2). The most difficult planet is supposed to be the Jupiter with no solid surface (at least there's no crash) but extreme high gravity 24.790 m/s2. Finally the Pluto will become available with 0.620 m/s2. Such experiences.  

However, there are few tweaks required on your models for flying on the Moon, which has to be done manually. The headspeed has to go up on RMP a 700 class heli to achieve the same lift in the 0.3E-15 bar atmospheric pressure as it is on the Earth with 2000 RPM. To do so, please contact your power system, rotor blade manufacturer and the helicopter factory. 

Unfortunately, neither nitro nor gasser helicopters will not work in this environment.

Release date will be announced later.