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04 April 2020

Egodrift Tengu motors for Mikado Logo 800 14S
Tengu power on 14 cells... and one more thing

In keeping with the new LOGO 800 from Mikado, engine manufacturer EGODRIFT is introducing the Tengu 4530HT in the 380kV version, a new and powerful electric drive for 14S.

Egodrift Tengu motors for Mikado Logo 800 14S

The low weight of the hand-wound ten-pole vehicle of just under 520 grams is even more evident in the slimmed-down successor to the 800 Xxtreme and sets new standards in terms of power-to-weight ratio. Shaft dimensions (6 × 55mm free shaft length), mounting holes and specifications of the new Tengus fit the previous model just as well as other 14S setups and stretch kits from the 760 to 800 class. A version with a 35mm shaft, for example for SAB Goblin or XLPower helicopters, was of course also considered.

The sales price of the new brushless motor is based on the already established 4530HT models for 12S and is €429.99 in Germany. Both versions of the Tengu 4530HT / ​​380kV for 14S are now available from authorized retailers and on the EGODRIFT website (egodrift.com).

Also spotted

The specially designed piston of a nitro combustion engine gives an idea of ​​the first outlines of a project from EGODRIFT that is still under development. Its surface is adorned with a matt, anthracite gray special coating, which, according to the manufacturer, has a particularly positive effect on longevity and smooth running behavior.

A number of other innovations that are to be incorporated into the new drive concept are still being kept silent, as are a number of additional product lines that are being worked on diligently. The majority of the new releases are currently planned for the second half of the year.

Egodrift Tengu motors for Mikado Logo 800 14S