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25 March 2020

Good bye Rigid 2.0
The system to be discontinued

The Bavarian Demon just announced that the Rigid 2.0 will be discontinued soon, which means the product called HeliCommand originally will not be available anymore. A very long running product will retire soon.

Good bye Rigid 2.0

The first HeliCommand has been released in 2006, the German Robbe created it as one of the first model helicopter stabilisation system. The very first versions supported the flybar systems, later on the Rigid version was designed for the flybarless rotors. Many years later, the German Bavarian Demon took the product over, and the company decided to discontinue it. Various versions of these systems were around for almost 15 years.

HeliCommand Rigid in action - Ramo Coax
The last order (including repairs) will be accepted on 31st of May, 2020, last delivery will be on 30th of June, 2020.

The majority of the features provided by Rigid are integrated into the AXON FBL systems, therefore, the know-how will not be vanished off, it lives longer in the AXON FBL systems.