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20 March 2020

The Align T-Rex 650X arrives
The new model just announced

The Align Corporation just announced its newest model, the new Align T-Rex 650X Dominator. The new model is also a new class within the Align RC helicopter family.

The Align T-Rex 650X arrives

The new 650X dominator opens a new class at Align, the 650. Not all data known at the moment as even Align hasn't published the datasheet or any further information about the helicopter, but it is supposed, the model is based on the 600X class with a longer tail boom to make the helicopter suitable for the 650 mm blades. 

The helicopter is compatible with 6 cells configuration as well, although this is an option rather than a recommendation, the 12 cells 3300 mAh sounds more suitable for this model. 

The new model is a good choice both for F3C and F3N.